Build your vision


In the beginning a first great explosion took place, then a powerful and still going expansion started.
A team of professionals ready to create concepts and video productions thinking out of the box and with an high technical standard.


Since the Big Bang happened, the universe is expanding.
After the creation and the development of an idea, our team will take care of its distribution, creating the right mix to stand out in the market.


When the universe reached about 1/5 of its dimensions, the stars had already formed groups recognizable as galaxies.
We can rely on a wide galaxy of professionals -such as designers, photographers, videomakers, VFX specialists, colorists, editors, marketers, tutors and experts - working like clockwork to the reach our goals.


From the smallest local spot or web contents, to a big international production, we have the experience, the skills and the equipment to capture and translate the potential of your brand into an effective and realistic audio-visual product.

Our strength is to work with high standards, keeping prices affordable and strictly respecting the timing and deadlines required.


Corporate videos
Music videoclips
Television production
Photographic books

Some Projects

Donne al volante… Shopping Costante

Web Serie
Agenzia: Canali&C
Cliente: Centro Commerciale Neapolis

150 Vetrine

Web Serie
Agenzia: Canali&C
Cliente: Porte di Catania


Web Serie
Agenzia: Canali&C
Cliente: Porte dello Jonio

Le Storie del Vulcano

Feature Film
Agenzia: Canali&C

Le Due Torri Event

Agenzia: Emagraphics
Cliente: Le Due Torri

Vulcano Summer Festival

Agenzia: Canali&C

FAI – Abbazia San Fruttuoso

Cliente: FAI

Ci Pensa Mosca

TV Show
Produzione: Big Bang Production

Wedding Fashion World – La Sfida

TV Show
Produzione: Big Bang Production


Adopting and mastering the best technologies, we are able to realize every audiovisual and photographic product by highlighting its strong points. Our deep knowledge of news and trends in the media panorama, let us achieve exciting results, making your product ready for the launch.

The whole post production process is in charge of Luca Auletta, Big Bang Production’s long-standing partner and its creative and technical team.


Transcoding and daily Editing
Color grading Conforming
Motion graphics & animation Vfx
Sound & mix
Deliveries and screenings

Some Works

Mondo Convenienza

Commercial – Editing, Color, Vfx e Delivery
Produzione: Run Film
Cliente: Mondo Convenienza

Boccadamo Mimmi

Commercial – 3D Animation
Agenzia: Villaggio Globale
Produzione: Millennium Bug
Cliente: Boccadamo

Optima – Matryoska

Commercial – Editing, 3D, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Color, Delivery
Produzione: Run Film
Cliente: Optima Italia

Troppo Napoletano

Feature Film – Vfx e Motion Graphics
Produzione: Cattleya e Rai Cinema
Produzione Esecutiva: Run Film

Optima – Ritorno al Futuro

Commercial – Editing, 3D, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Color, Delivery
Produzione: Run Film
Cliente: Optima Italia

Optima – Acchiappabollette

Commercial – 3D, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Delivery
Produzione: Run Film
Cliente: Optima Italia

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Our team of “creative thinkers” works like clockwork to reach one goal: let the energy that fuels your project break free, give it a concrete -and very, very handsome- form, to make it finally spread the world.

Alfredo Carbone


Alessia Porsenna


Simone Morabito

Social Media Specialist

Luca Auletta

Post-Production Supervisor

Adriana Salomone

Designer Freelance

Alessandro Arnone

Photographer Freelance


    We love to apply unconventional ideas and lateral solutions to achieve our goal: give you everything you need for your ideas to come true and stand out in a crowded market.


    Via Ferrante Imparato 495
    80146, Napoli
    +39 081 519 69 37